• Architecture & Design

    • All Architectural Services from feasibility, through design, to completion (RIBA Stages A ‐ L)
    • Planning Applications/Building Regulations
    • Local, National & International Projects
    • Construction Monitoring
  • Energy Consultancy and Building Physics

    • Accurate prediction of building energy performance as a design tool
    • Including on-site renewable energy
    • National & International Energy Consultancy


    More detail – OEx Energy Consultancy Services…

  • Project Management

    A brief description of our Project Management Service:

    • Preparing the Client’s Initial statement of project objectives and identifying constraints
    • Establishing the requirement for professional skills, including development of the Brief, procedure and programme management, and legal insurance and financial services
    • Identifying the roles of client representatives and stakeholders
    • Managing the appointment of consultants and specialists
    • Implementing of any feasibility studies and/or options appraisals required
    • Developing and maintaining a project strategy
    • Developing and maintaining a management structure and communications environment in which all consultants, contractors and other persons can perform effectively
    • Change control procedures for programme, cost matters and contingency expenditure
    • Risk management
  • Research

    Research and innovation has always been an important aspect of our work.

    Currently research is focused on the societal and technical changes required to meet global emissions reduction targets by 2050; – an 80% reduction in emissions from buildings.

    More specifically, we are further developing our energy and emissions calculation methodology to provide improved access for building professionals to accurate predictions of building energy use, and to information about the cost effectiveness of emissions reductions measures.